Teambuilders, Inc., provides the following services. Brief case studies are included to show how our services have been implemented.

  • Learning how to resolve differences on a team successfully, will often require members to articulate their views forcefully, even if they are unpopular. The conflict that may arise, if managed in a respectful and non-personal way, will provide an opportunity for the team to develop new solutions to old problems, and will contribute to a greater sense of ownership by all members. Avoiding conflict, or being overly accommodating, can “back-fire” when used often, because such behavior masks important differences on a team, and leads to critical misunderstandings.
  • Tools for evaluating and developing negotiating skills have been provided to firms, thru the use of the Thomas Killman Conflict Style Inventory ® ( TKI ). By learning more about the way teams manage conflict, progress has been made in improving collaboration, and increasing productivity.

  • Communicating with staff in difficult times can be critical to a firm's well being … giving staff opportunities to become involved in improving the firm, including getting their input on proposed changes can significantly improve the sense of ownership that staff feels towards the firm.

  • Conducted a 360 degree assessment for a 60 person structural engineering firm to identify “what’s working well and what needs improvement”, and then facilitated a leadership retreat to reach a consensus on firmwide strategic and operational goals, and to develop preliminary implementation plans.

  • Worked with the principals and associates of a 25 person architectural firm to assess firm’s potential for growth, and through a leadership retreat, explored alternative scenarios for firm’s direction, and developed action plans to implement changes agreed upon.

  • Developing new leadership opportunities within a firm has important consequences for senior management … unless a plan is adopted for training and mentoring new leaders as well as re-defining the roles of those in power, the entire effort can be undermined, creating dissatisfaction at all levels. When existing partners continue to manage day to day details of projects and firm, it is much more difficult to give younger associates the " on-the-job" training they need to develop leadership skills. Often, those that are already capable of taking on greater responsibilities, become discouraged, and seek opportunities in other firms.

  • Providing firms with tools for improving communications and decision making, and for training of new leaders : Myers-Briggs Type Indicator ® Workshops* have been provided by Teambuilders to firms since May 2001 and have served to uncover obstacles to improving working relationships, and to break new ground in leadership training, improved communications and in decision making. ( * Using a self-report questionnaire based on Jung's and Myer's theories of psychological types, as a jumping off point, it gives colleagues tools to help them better understand themselves in their organizational roles and thus makes them more able to work together effectively).

  • Mediated a dispute between the two founding partners of a successful design practice, who had decided to end their association, and assisted them in reaching an amicable separation agreement. 


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