We are an organizational development consulting firm that helps professional service organizations improve teamwork, overcome resistance to change and plan for the future.

What Teambuilders does :

  • Works to overcome communication problems, internally and externally
  • Identifies obstacles and works with clients to develop solutions that promote more effective teamwork and improved productivity
  • Facilitates the management of change, such as rapid growth, downsizing, ownership transitions or new technologies
  • Works with principals and organizations to develop and carry out a strategic plan

Who we work for :

  • CEO's, principals and senior managers - providing executive coaching and role consultation
  • Professional service organizations - through focus groups, retreats and partnering workshops
  • Public Agencies and Institutions - through focus groups, retreats and Open Space® workshops

How we work :

  • Assessment and diagnosis - interviews, observation of operations and staff meetings, and use of Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® workshops
  • Planning - meetings with CEOs, senior management or steering committees to address issues and develop a plan
  • Implementation - assistance in developing and in facilitating an implementation program
  • Follow-up - periodic meetings with principals, progress reviews, and annual retreats to reinvent and renew commitment to change


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